The Footloose American


Winner of the Maine Literary Award for Nonfiction


"A travel story that doubles as a hell of a ride through modern-day South American culture."  – Esquire

"Not only does Mr. Kevin fill us in on the careening journey that helped define Thompson as a journalist, but he also delivers an engrossing and opinionated travel guide to modern Latin America."  – The New York Times

"Kevin is a helluva good writer and, if the Gonzo King were alive, he would give The Footloose American a thumbs-up."  – Douglas Brinkley, Professor of History at Rice University and literary executor of Hunter Thompson's estate.

Maine Literary Award

Almost exactly a year since the book hit shelves, it's really gratifying for The Footloose American to have received the 2015 Maine Literary Award for Nonfiction from the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance here in my home state. It was an honor to be nominated alongside some writers I really admire. Thanks to the MWPA and all the Mainers who've had nice things to say about the book.

Reading and panel: The Montana Festival of the Book

Super looking forward to reading at Shakespeare & Co. on Friday, October 10, during the Montana Festival of the Book. I'm joining Bryce Andrews and Molly Caro May for a nonfiction triple-threat.

The next morning, on Saturday, October 11, I'll be on a panel about "Searching for the Story" in nonfiction with two immensely talented writers: Peter Stark and Murray Carpenter. Drop by if you're in western Montana.

New York Times Review and more: Another Footloose American media round-up


Four months out, and I'm really gratified that the book is still enjoying some complimentary reviews and other attention. A few of my favorites since the last time I did a media round-up:

The New York Times says the book is "an engrossing and opinionated travel guide to modern Latin America," among several other nice and thoughtful things.

Largehearted Boy let me participate in the Book Notes series, which I've always super enjoyed, creating an annotated playlist to accompany The Footloose American.

I had a great interview with the Missoula Independent, back in my old stomping grounds of Missoula, Montana.

I was super privileged to be interviewed by Rolf Potts as part of his fourteen-year (!) project of interviewing writers about travel and travel writing.

Thanks as always to everybody who's showed interest.

World Hum interview and The Footloose American media round-up

It's been super gratifying to see all the interest in The Footloose American from various corners of the web and other media. My favorite interview so far is this one with badass writer Eva Holland over at World Hum. World Hum has published some of my favorite stories over the years — and Holland has interviewed a bunch of my favorite writers — so it's an honor to be included on the roster.

Some of my other favorite tie-ins and coverage so far:

This post on The Atlantic about Thompson's early career.

This interview with Boyd Matson on the National Geographic Weekend radio show.

This great illustration (and meditation) by Nathan Gelgud on Biographile.

This clickbaity, but fun Huffington Post listicle.

This TV appearance on Maine's 207 talk show.

And an honorable mention to this twenty-nine-word review in June's Outside.

Of course, a big thanks to everybody who's blogged, tweeted, participated in the AMA, and all the rest.  It's super cool to be able to engage with folks who are enjoying the book.